Monday, 14 February 2011

No gift for him yet...

Hubby is looking to buy a new computer desk top and that would be right after we move. Gosh, not that long really - couple more weeks to go. I offered him a gateway desktops as his valentines gift but he refused because he is pondering on something else. Well, as long as mine is all wrapped up and ready for me in the morning:). I'm not expecting too much here just a box and all wrap up, lol. Anyway, I am still not sure what to give to my bana labs - I don't even have a card for him yet. I will stop by to the shops on my way back home after sending the kids to school in the morning since hubby are going to work and won't be home until 6pm so, I still have time to think and buy at least a little something to open tomorrow. Ah, ins't a man should only give something to a woman on V-day? If it is then at least I am covered if I'll come home with empty hand in the morning.

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