Friday, 4 February 2011

She's into Silver

My sister in-law is into silver. Most of her accessories are made of silver. Never meet anyone like her who's mind is set into things. Well, her liking silver made us all happy as it is so easy to get her a present on any occasions. For sure she's got loads of silver in her jewelry boxes as it is what the family tends to get her most of the occasions. So, since she is obsesses with this stuff I thought why not drop a conversation regarding on investing into silver coins. It might be good for her to get into something that she love - buy and sell business. She should invest her money and buy silver coins instead of putting it all to the bank. I know it has interest growth every year but she could double it up or even triple by setting up a business. Well, I will see her tomorrow so perhaps I should try mentioning it and see whats her respond.

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