Sunday, 13 February 2011

So mobile at 1 wonder why my baby is so skinny because he will never sit still. He would literally go from one thing to another. Climb up and down like a Yoyo. Tiring he is but loving it! His cuteness pays the murders. Anyway, he has been thin since birth. He didn't really get so chubby as I want him to be but as long as he is healthy, moving and happy then I have nothing to worry about. He definitely inherit his Daddy's skinny legs and arms and good thing he didn't inherit the big fat belly as well, haha. Daddy hasn't got that fat thighs and arms like other fat Dude out there - but has got a big tummy like Humpty Dumpty, lol. Anyway, my little "pangga bebe" is so skinny but actively moving all around the PAD and happily interacting with anybody. The midwife's and GP said he looks so well and okay. So, I should stop worrying about his weight. By the way, here's a series of video I captured lately of baby love William moving and walking like a chimpanzee.

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