Friday, 18 February 2011

Who's cool and hip?

How do you guys like hip hop clothes? Looking back when I was a teenager I wear nothing but hip and trendy kind of clothing. It was my thing back then and I really believed I looked cool. Well, obviously I did on that time but now I am more into lady type of clothes. Now, I am more on dress, skirts and tights. But I still there are days when I want to be just comfortable and wear tee-shirt and jeans. Nothing is more comfy than that - its what most people wear everyday. Talking about hip-hop clothing, I think my son is up for it. He's already have a sensible taste of fashion and once he'll pick a clothes when we are out shopping, I can't argue him anymore. He definitely has his own mind unlike couple years ago when I can just grab any clothes I fancy for him. Oh, gone are those days!

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