Monday, 28 March 2011

Flat screen LCD Televisions...

You tell me if you don't have a flat screen lcd tvs in your house. I bet this kind of technology has corrupted many people in the world. I wouldn't blame you - its high resolution viewing especially the full HD has definitely convinced billions of consumers around the globe. What more, the life of LCD tv's is longer than plasma's. Hubby got one 3 years ago and until now, it's as good as brand new. The picture quality is absolutely topnotch. Hubby's only problem is that he is pondering for something even bigger like the 60 inches LCD flat screen tv - he would probably buy it right now if money is not an issue. But, for him priority always come first. Obviously a new television isn't our priority this time. We have tons of things we needed for the new house. So, it can wait!

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