Monday, 7 March 2011

Four seasons Pizza

four seasons pizza

This is what I order every time we dined it at Pizza Express as hubby suggested for he know how much I loved anchovy. They served it the best among others. The best part of this Pizza is the anchovy toppings - its taste really good. The same with pasta, I always ordered seafood ones. Ah, maybe part of it is, I missed seafood as I was raised and grow up in an island with nothing but fish/seafood to eat everyday. And now that I'm here in UK I tend to missed all that and so, once in a while hubby has to treat me with all this kind of food that I long to eat. I must say, he is awesome for he always find a way to make me happy. He occasionally prepare and cook Filipino dishes and not to mention frying some fish for me too even if he can't stand the smell. He is that great!

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