Monday, 7 March 2011

The healthier the happier....

This afternoon as we walked along the back part of the town we saw this huge woman with her kids struggling to walk and still munching chocolates. I was like, what the heck! Instead of exercising they choose to feed their fat faces even more. Ah, what they're like? Parents should always remember the importance of life. Not all the time, we have to think of food - also, we have to give attention to our health especially to our kids. Me, when I realised that my Kath was getting chubbier I cut down all the bad food straight away. I explain to her that it ain't doing great on her health and to the rest of the family. I did it first - showed her that I won't eat any more junks. I had to buy all healthy food - cooked healthy dishes more on grilled and salad and also I made sure they're active every after school and weekends too not just watch television all day. And, it worked! Kath has now slimmed down and lost most of her chubbiness. The same with Christian, he looks a lot better this year and both are happier. I was so proud of myself and doing it made me feel happier too. Its never too late to try and do the best you can for your kids sake. If diet pills can help then why not try it along with a healthy food and snacks. But, I suggest to check out the top listed diet pills seller first before commiting to buy. But apparently, adapexin-p is highly recommended this days. Whatever works for you and your kids, then do it. We must remember, there is no one to blame but ourselves if our kids turn our to be fat. We have the full control of what they eat. As long as they are living with us they have to follow rules. Luckily, my kids are not that bad. They tend to listen what I say apart from few occasions, lol.

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