Monday, 28 March 2011

My handsome Dude:)

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Sometimes I'm heard by my first son when I say to my youngest about he's the world cutest baby. Our conversation began like this....

Moi: (to baby Will during our special cuddle time) - my lalab baby, you are the cutest and most handsome baby in the whole wide world. Super langga, super lalab, super tiso, super guapo and etc...all this kind of baby talk in affectionate way.

Christian: Thats not true, mummy! Because, I'm the first handsome boy and baby Will is only second.

Moi: Oh yes, thats right! How can I forget? Silly me! You are my first gorgeous boy and my handsome dude. [shame on me! lol]...

We (parents) should always make sure that none of our children feel left out. I must say, I love my children fairly.

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