Monday, 28 March 2011

My little one is growing fast...

It seems only yesterday when I popped little William out my tummy. But now he's everywhere - all over the place, climbing up and down and making a mess all day long. Literally, only a second after putting every single mess back to its place then he's there again taking it all out. How can that be so fair for me? Gone are those days when he stays still wherever I put him down. Ah, time certainly flies! I just have to be grateful that he is well and healthy all this time. Also, things will get better soon as we moved to our new home. It's the space we need all this years and we are thankful for the great help from the family. Anyway, here's my baby Will @ 1 yr old also few photos of his very first birthday at home and in Grandma and Grandpa's place. I can't believe this was almost 2 months ago.

IMG_9039 IMG_9042 IMG_9045

click here for more baby Will's late b-day celebration in Grandpa+ma's place

IMG_8889 IMG_8890 IMG_8892 IMG_8908 IMG_8935IMG_8932IMG_8941 IMG_8943

He'll turn 14 months in few days time - growing really fast, isn't he?

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