Sunday, 6 March 2011

No to scuba diving...


Looked like someone has enjoyed more than her kids on their Aquarium visit couple weeks ago. Well, who wouldn't? With all these beautiful fishes in the water. Yeah, I love looking all different sea creatures. But then hubby always made a point with his belief that I'll enjoy it even more when I see it naturally under the water and that only if I'll go with him to scuba diving. Huh, he must be joking! No way, Jose! Never in my life I would go scuba diving, oh no! I'm scared....I don't know how to swim and besides, I panic under water. I know there will be instructor and all those rescue staff with me but I'm still not convinced. I enjoyed it more via Aquariums and that'll do me for now until I'm ready to go down 1000 feet under the water. Hmmmm, the thought of it give me ghost bumps already. Huh, call me scaredy cat all you like but I ain't going under the sea.

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