Monday, 28 March 2011

The right skincare product

Often times I read about skin care reviews and this time I got really interested into it. All of a sudden I thought of buying and trying one for myself and see if its really that good. It mention about the best skin care products so, might as well take a look at it and see if anything suitable for my skin type. This reviews somehow help me find the right skin care product. I must admit that I have trouble finding the right one especially with the type of skin I have - more delicate and brown-yellowish type. I have the same problem with it comes to foundation too. That is why I seldom used one as it looks more like I covered myself with cement, lol. But, I'm quite hopeful that one day I'll get to find a product that are made for my skin type and affordable of course. Can't help to be tight these days as every penny counts!

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