Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Busy bee in a beautiful day:)

The sun out today has put a massive smile on my face! Incredible what good weather does to mood :) Ah, loads of stuff waiting for me to do today - at least, I got the kids summer uniforms ready. They're going back tomorrow and Thursday then off again on Friday and back next Tuesday. Another long weekend this week and thats because of the Royal wedding. Uh, I'm still so worn out from the weekends OT - long day at work made me so exhausted. I'm definitely not getting any younger - signs, signs, signs! So, cancelling OT today was probably not a bad idea after all. Alright, before I start my day, let me just check out few things online. Uh, did I tell you about how fascinated I am about this cordless barcode scanner at work and our new monitor. It certainly help us (CA) and made our work a lot easier and quicker. Just like that! Anyway, I wish you a very blessed Tuesday:) Busy bee is off to start her chores in this beautiful day!

Because I am a Mother!

Our mother's day just passed by in just a blink of an eye but wonderful memories will be forever keep in my heart. I felt special because hubby and kids made an effort to make my day memorable. My older two (Kath and Chan2x) made my breakfast. They overtook Daddy's plan, lol. It was so funny! I felt so loved, happy and well cared and in return I hoped to do the same if not more. Here's our photos for keepsake.

IMG_1863 IMG_1857 IMG_1861 IMG_1733 IMG_1725 IMG_1731 IMG_1859 IMG_1858

Monday, 25 April 2011

Spring Rampshots

It's because my favourite season is here - so, posing galore to my heart content. I simply love spring, don't you?
IMG_2248 IMG_2244 IMG_2337 IMG_2305 IMG_2306 IMG_1974 IMG_1956 IMG_1932 IMG_1593 IMG_1494 IMG_1300

Post-Easter shopping

I have been working long hours since Friday and today is no exception. I'll be off to work in an hour and will not finish 'til 5pm later in the afternoon. Hubby and the kids are going to PIL's place to celebrate Easter Monday with them - maybe another egg hunting. I'm pondering to cancel my OT tomorrow as it is the kids last day of no school. I have tons of things need to prepare by then and I guess not working would really help me get everything done. So, I take it as a day off until next Friday. Huh? I still have to do more shopping for decorations such as shower curtains and such. I think there'll be a post-easter sale sometime this week - I could get a bargain! Ah, will check online first. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend:)

Sunday, 24 April 2011


IMG_2127 IMG_2123 IMG_2129 IMG_2134IMG_2098 IMG_2095IMG_2125IMG_2122 IMG_2114

Early Spring 2011

We've been so lucky this month for we got really lovely weather and so I had chance to take pictures with the kids outdoors. This was just our afternoon walk at our neighbourhood last weekend the 13th of April.
IMG_2171 IMG_2170 IMG_2169 IMG_2168 IMG_2159 IMG_2155 IMG_2154 IMG_2160

Friday, 8 April 2011

22.March.2011 pics in Larger view

Ins't it amazing to be able to share pics via blog - safer and larger? Yeah, I love it this way.

IMG_1261 IMG_1263 IMG_1295 IMG_1299

Fancy a pull up bar?

Numerous of men who also love themselves just like women. Either they go to gym or just buy their own exercising equipment like pull up bar and such to keep them fit. Not so different from women at all. But as for my personal experienced, I really find it hard to lower my calories and carbs intake. Its like I am going to die without or my day won't be complete without rice, potato and noodles. And these are the kinds of food that contains high calories and carbs. No wonder my tummy always look bloated. As to hubby, I am so proud of him giving up bread for nearly a month now and it does made a difference. Its one of the reason why he put so much weight over the years. He start munching and snacking sandwiches with tons cheese when bored. Until he realised, he is overweight and decided to diet and cutting bread is a big step. I must say, you don't need to push or tell a person to lose weight because, if this person wants to do it, he'll eventually do it without anybody pressuring him. The more pressure you gave, the more they eat. Hubby has lost already a kilo and plenty more kilos to go before he is ready to wear mankini, haha. I fancy a pull up bar for him, treadmill and few other exercising equipment. Soon...

One fine Spring morning

IMG_1105 IMG_1104

Took this photo last couple weeks ago - it was one fine morning that we felt the spring is on the air. We were on our way to go malling and have our usual weekend brunch out. It wasn't that warm as it looks but bearable enough for us to wear rebellious clothes. Well, according to Daddy that is, haha. Why is it the weather does affect our mood? I am much happier like this I mean when it is spring. I noticed spring here have a better weather than summer. Well, our summer has more numbers of rain than sunshine.

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