Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Busy bee in a beautiful day:)

The sun out today has put a massive smile on my face! Incredible what good weather does to mood :) Ah, loads of stuff waiting for me to do today - at least, I got the kids summer uniforms ready. They're going back tomorrow and Thursday then off again on Friday and back next Tuesday. Another long weekend this week and thats because of the Royal wedding. Uh, I'm still so worn out from the weekends OT - long day at work made me so exhausted. I'm definitely not getting any younger - signs, signs, signs! So, cancelling OT today was probably not a bad idea after all. Alright, before I start my day, let me just check out few things online. Uh, did I tell you about how fascinated I am about this cordless barcode scanner at work and our new monitor. It certainly help us (CA) and made our work a lot easier and quicker. Just like that! Anyway, I wish you a very blessed Tuesday:) Busy bee is off to start her chores in this beautiful day!

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