Friday, 8 April 2011

Fancy a pull up bar?

Numerous of men who also love themselves just like women. Either they go to gym or just buy their own exercising equipment like pull up bar and such to keep them fit. Not so different from women at all. But as for my personal experienced, I really find it hard to lower my calories and carbs intake. Its like I am going to die without or my day won't be complete without rice, potato and noodles. And these are the kinds of food that contains high calories and carbs. No wonder my tummy always look bloated. As to hubby, I am so proud of him giving up bread for nearly a month now and it does made a difference. Its one of the reason why he put so much weight over the years. He start munching and snacking sandwiches with tons cheese when bored. Until he realised, he is overweight and decided to diet and cutting bread is a big step. I must say, you don't need to push or tell a person to lose weight because, if this person wants to do it, he'll eventually do it without anybody pressuring him. The more pressure you gave, the more they eat. Hubby has lost already a kilo and plenty more kilos to go before he is ready to wear mankini, haha. I fancy a pull up bar for him, treadmill and few other exercising equipment. Soon...

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