Monday, 30 May 2011

Midnight mutterings

Here I am again with my random web browsing in the middle of the night prolonging even more my-already-late bedtime. Ah, just going to finish off reading about slimvox reviews and I should be heading off to bed land. Yeah, I'm so utterly exhausted now that I can hardly open eyes. To think that I'm also getting up really early in the morning for work. Oh, it'll be a long day ahead of me - working 8 hours is a little unusual for me. I will definitely struggle to stay awake in my entire shift. I should have gone to sleep ages ago. Wish I win lottery! It'll certainly makes my life a lot easier - no getting up early in the morning and just be lazy whenever I want to be. But, that is of course too impossible especially when I don't even buy tickets. Oh, I am muttering again. Well, this is what happen when your half-awake and all I can say and think is my comfy bed. Alright, I better go now and may you all have a blessed night and day! Thank you for paying a visit here in my very humble blog:)

Better quality viewing...

I have been been trying to keep my photos all together and tonight I finally done uploading the rest of our bluebells shoots. And yes, I've shared the album but I've added new ones tonight. Mainly for my family and close friends who have asked for a recent photos of the kids and their outs and abouts. Just hang on there and I'll get to the recent ones later on. I have to do it by dates in case you all wondering why it took a while for me to upload and share the photos. Anyway, here's my blog which I specifically enlarge so that I am able to post and share pictures in better quality. Hope you enjoy!

IMG_3738 \IMG_3736 sIMG_3740 aIMG_3739 xIMG_3745 \IMG_3741 \IMG_3743 \IMG_3749 \IMG_3744 \

Late bedtime again...

Goodness! Its already half passed midnight and I'm still here in the living room sitting trying to catch up BGT. After having a huge and heavy meal I feel so sluggish to even get up and get myself a drink. Feelin' crappy and guilty after munching the whole cheese pizza. Apart from disliking my late bedtime routine I also hate midnight snacking. But again, it my choice to stay awake due to online commitments. Besides, its the only time of the day that I am completely hand free - no baby who's very demanding and keeps bugging me to play or carry or go outside in the garden. Finally, I can concentrate my blogging task and any other web browsing. I must say that I am not at all late every night as there are times that I can't be bothered to even open my PC (though not often) but at least I have moments where I give my eyes and body rest away from the monitors. It ain't good after all. Also, I always make sure to balance everything especially when it comes to health and beauty rest. Oh, talking about beauty, I've just read about md clear reviews and its not only sounded promising, its also affordable. Well, less than what I have paid for my current acne cream for sure. So, if any of you are looking for acne treatment then you might want to try it out.

Just proud...

My kids couldn't made us any prouder. Both Ate K and Kuya C are doing really great. Every week they have quizzes and homeworks and as always they both showed perseverance and determination to do well in each week - few occasions that Kuya C may lost interest but thats because he gets distracted with electronics games and televisions. But, in overall performance both are exceptionally good and so, we couldn't ask for more. We just hope and pray that they'll continue to do great in school until they bring home degree diploma's. Ah, sorry for gloating!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Online Gold coins

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My little breath of fresh air

Here's my cheeky monkey few weeks ago in our local park enjoying swing ride for the 101 times. He was happy as Larry and never mind mummy's aching arms on that time while pushing not only him but the rest of the gangs. Anyway, our little breath of fresh air can't stop growing and if there is cheekier than monkey, then it would be him. Love him to bits...

IMG_2647 IMG_2644 IMG_2646

Friday, 6 May 2011

Hubby's lost weight

Have I mentioned lately how my husband is doing with his diet? He's only giving up bread and he already lost about 2 kilos. What more if he'll give up cola's too? He can now wear his size 17 and a half shirt. Once he'll lost 5 kilos he can start doing few exercise to tone his abs. Might be a challenge for him but its not impossible. He can even start looking for best muscle building supplement if want to. But for now, I think he is doing great in his first move. At least, he's started losing weight and thats a pretty good sign. Way to go, husby! We will never know by next summer he'll be up wearing mankini with me in the beach, lol. I love him to bits!

She can holahoops

Goodness, I was wholly surprised with my daughters ability to holahoops. She can do it very well and I was like, where did she learn it from? Me and hubby are useless - we hardly do one hoop. In all my life, hooping is one of my failures. Never did I thought my daughter would be as good as I dream to be. Only bought her a holahoop twice and the first time was when she was 5 yrs old and got broken a week after. So, few weeks ago bought her another one and she showed us how good she was. I told her she should do it more because its a pretty good stomach exercise. I took some video but haven't really downloaded it yet but once I will I'll share it here in my blog for you all to see how good my baby girl can do holahoops. She's great!


Metrogel Medication

Growing up in a countryside was the best thing I have experienced in life. Like many teenagers, I experienced acne's too. But in my days - we tend to used herbal remedies and papaya leaves was the best of all. We had it grown all over our yard and so, every time I washed, I just picked couple of the leaves freshly and rubbed it to my face and all over my body. It worked! I was truly amazed! Life was really simple back then but that was like 15-20 yrs ago. Ohh, am I that old? Anyway, kids these days or teenagers is lucky enough to have many choices of beauty essentials - like metrogel medication, if I'm not mistaken its a newly introduced acne treatment. From its name, its already sounded a promising acne remedy. So, I would not doubt buying it for my daughter as she already started getting spots on her face lately and as she's old enough to use any of these facial cream.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fun pics over the Holiday

The kids enjoyed their school holiday even if it was only spent locally. You don't need to spend a hefty amount of money to have fun - you can do it cheaply or at no cost at all. Like what we did, we just enjoyed it in the comfort of our home. Kids don't need much to have fun - all they need is a park or a paddling pool and they're happy as Larry. Plus, the weather was lovely the whole month of April and so, we enjoyed it like our last. We never know what's going to come next. So, here's all the kids snaps while having fun...

IMG_2491 IMG_2575IMG_2559IMG_2556IMG_2551IMG_2761 IMG_2748 IMG_2743 Friendship:Greatness:IMG_2480 IMG_2476 IMG_2484 IMG_2485

Waiting for furniture Deliveries...

It's been a month since we moved and still a lot of stuff unpacked. Rooms are untidy and unorganised - waiting for the cupboards and beds to be delivered. Didn't expect Daddy's PC and desktop to be delivered that early before the beds and cupboards - it arrived yesterday morning. While I was waiting for the utility knife that I ordered few weeks ago, the water man knocked-in and asked me to sign the papers regarding our water bills. Huh, that was unplanned - I was still on my very thin PJ's, nipples were visible, no wonder this man's eyes were rolling like a mad dog, haha. Anyway, so much for that, I have to start my day clearing out stuff from the garage. Might find my old shoes that were stored years ago. Have a blessed day!

Shopping for kids

This is the thing with me these days - I shop for my kids only. Gone are those days when I go shopping for myself. Now, I rarely buy clothes for myself unless hubby pays for it, lol. But, its not a big deal. For my kids, I'll do and give-up anything. That's how much I love them and want to make sure they have everything in life.

IMG_2363 IMG_2345IMG_2357

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