Friday, 6 May 2011

Metrogel Medication

Growing up in a countryside was the best thing I have experienced in life. Like many teenagers, I experienced acne's too. But in my days - we tend to used herbal remedies and papaya leaves was the best of all. We had it grown all over our yard and so, every time I washed, I just picked couple of the leaves freshly and rubbed it to my face and all over my body. It worked! I was truly amazed! Life was really simple back then but that was like 15-20 yrs ago. Ohh, am I that old? Anyway, kids these days or teenagers is lucky enough to have many choices of beauty essentials - like metrogel medication, if I'm not mistaken its a newly introduced acne treatment. From its name, its already sounded a promising acne remedy. So, I would not doubt buying it for my daughter as she already started getting spots on her face lately and as she's old enough to use any of these facial cream.

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