Monday, 30 May 2011

Midnight mutterings

Here I am again with my random web browsing in the middle of the night prolonging even more my-already-late bedtime. Ah, just going to finish off reading about slimvox reviews and I should be heading off to bed land. Yeah, I'm so utterly exhausted now that I can hardly open eyes. To think that I'm also getting up really early in the morning for work. Oh, it'll be a long day ahead of me - working 8 hours is a little unusual for me. I will definitely struggle to stay awake in my entire shift. I should have gone to sleep ages ago. Wish I win lottery! It'll certainly makes my life a lot easier - no getting up early in the morning and just be lazy whenever I want to be. But, that is of course too impossible especially when I don't even buy tickets. Oh, I am muttering again. Well, this is what happen when your half-awake and all I can say and think is my comfy bed. Alright, I better go now and may you all have a blessed night and day! Thank you for paying a visit here in my very humble blog:)

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