Friday, 6 May 2011

She can holahoops

Goodness, I was wholly surprised with my daughters ability to holahoops. She can do it very well and I was like, where did she learn it from? Me and hubby are useless - we hardly do one hoop. In all my life, hooping is one of my failures. Never did I thought my daughter would be as good as I dream to be. Only bought her a holahoop twice and the first time was when she was 5 yrs old and got broken a week after. So, few weeks ago bought her another one and she showed us how good she was. I told her she should do it more because its a pretty good stomach exercise. I took some video but haven't really downloaded it yet but once I will I'll share it here in my blog for you all to see how good my baby girl can do holahoops. She's great!


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