Thursday, 23 June 2011

Baby Will's Milestone @ 16 mo's old

My little one now knows few parts of his body such as his nose, mouth, tummy, tin2x (willy), hands and sometimes ears (if he remembers, haha). Not everything shown in this video of course but he can actually point where those parts of his body. As they say, do not underestimate the toddlers brain. They are just as clever and probably a quick learners too. Well, that's how I noticed with babies as what I've experienced from my eldest down to my youngest. Best of all, babies are fascinating and fun. They can switched your mode in just a second. Certainly my little one does, well sometimes my older two as well. But as they grow older they can get a bit annoying especially when they asked too many questions at once, lol. Anyway, here's my 16 months old showing off his few silly faces in front of the camera. He will even say "cheese" straight away once he'll see you carrying a camera. [LAUGHED]!

Some parenting ways...

As a parent we always want nothing but the best for our kids. For instance, good education. But that doesn't mean we have to provide everything gadgets wise. Don't get me wrong though, my kids ain't completely deprived as they have few electronics games. Only one thing we made sure that they ain't having PC's in their rooms. No way! Yes, they have our permission to use one of our PC here at home like when they do their assignments, games and etc, but, under our supervision that is. Besides, the school provides laptops for students for whoever kids didn't have computers at home can still do their assignments and research. Its pretty normal for a parent to guide their kids and raised them as normal as possible. We don't want them turned into techs addict at such a very young age nor spoiled them by giving what they want. Not even Bill Gates who is a billionaire (2nd world richest man in this planet). Being a good parent is not all about spoiling the children - certain occasions, maybe? Sometimes, they have to learn the hard ways so they'll be able to stand at their own feet.

@ IP (28.May.2011)

Us @ Isabella Plantation in Richmond Surrey attending a birthday picnic. It was just one of our family weekend outing. And thanks to the Cucharo's for inviting us over.

IMG_4349 IMG_4417 IMG_4313 IMG_4315 IMG_4287 IMG_4314

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

More affordable gift's for Daddy's...

Though Father's day is over ain't mean that we could no longer buy them a presents. In our home, we count everyday as Daddy's day. So, from time-to-time we hand him little something as a "thank you" for being such a wonderful Daddy. Here's the place where we get our small yet great cheap gifts dad will love. The kids got to choose every time we buy Daddy something. Its becoming a habit already to appreciate the hard works that their Daddy's showing them. Kids don't need to buy, it doesn't need to be costly and expensive - they can create/make it and as long as its from the heart, then its special. In return, Daddy loved it and get inspired to work even harder for the family. Simple and easy as that!

Baby Kuya & Ate

Just browsing some old photos here in my flickr and seen this beautiful pictures of my older babies when they were only 2 and 6. Ah, there is nothing better than to watch them grow and changed over the years. Such a delightful experienced to be a mother, really.


Work it on - work on it!

How are you all? Sorry for it has been a while to update this blog. I was pretty occupied with some other things at our end. As we are still on the process of organising and making our "new home" presentable as humanly possible. It seems endless revamping from one room to another and yes it cost us fortune. On the top of that, I'm also taking extra hours of shift (OT) hoping it will at least top-up my shrinking bank balance. Taking advantage of the time when I don't need to pay for baby sitter as much as I could get away with it. Yeah, I'm this busy. At the moment, I have this spare time while little one is at his siesta. So, I have the time to browsed-away and unfortunately stumbled to this hilarious lingerie shop and couldn't resist the temptation to buy this sexy garters that are on sale - but, with this unsure thoughts if I ever get back to my lean body. If not, then it would be so useless to buy such thing, isn't it? Got to get myself hook into this new dance-craze, Zumba - I think. From what I heard, it will definitely keep you leaner. Ah, had to work on it!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Few more a horrible teen

Yay! Our princess is growing like a weed. Everyday, we can't thanked God enough of how blessed we are to have such a beautiful baby girl. We continue to pray that she'll stay good and behave all through her life especially when she hit teens. Honestly, I am scared of the thoughts that soon I will have a teenager. How it will be like when she hit that stage of her life. Challenging I would have thought. Oh well, whatever happens - (we) as a her parent, will be always here for her.

IMG_3763 IMG_3052 IMG_3037 IMG_3045 IMG_3042 IMG_3054 IMG_3061

Cutest hunters

These are the rest of our Easter egg hunting photos that I haven't shared in Facebook. So, might as well take the opportunity to post it here in my blog. I just find my kids so cute looking for eggs. They each had fair share and definitely had a blast. Kudos to Daddy for capturing these beautiful memories. Surely, a pictures to behold!

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