Thursday, 23 June 2011

Baby Will's Milestone @ 16 mo's old

My little one now knows few parts of his body such as his nose, mouth, tummy, tin2x (willy), hands and sometimes ears (if he remembers, haha). Not everything shown in this video of course but he can actually point where those parts of his body. As they say, do not underestimate the toddlers brain. They are just as clever and probably a quick learners too. Well, that's how I noticed with babies as what I've experienced from my eldest down to my youngest. Best of all, babies are fascinating and fun. They can switched your mode in just a second. Certainly my little one does, well sometimes my older two as well. But as they grow older they can get a bit annoying especially when they asked too many questions at once, lol. Anyway, here's my 16 months old showing off his few silly faces in front of the camera. He will even say "cheese" straight away once he'll see you carrying a camera. [LAUGHED]!

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