Thursday, 23 June 2011

Some parenting ways...

As a parent we always want nothing but the best for our kids. For instance, good education. But that doesn't mean we have to provide everything gadgets wise. Don't get me wrong though, my kids ain't completely deprived as they have few electronics games. Only one thing we made sure that they ain't having PC's in their rooms. No way! Yes, they have our permission to use one of our PC here at home like when they do their assignments, games and etc, but, under our supervision that is. Besides, the school provides laptops for students for whoever kids didn't have computers at home can still do their assignments and research. Its pretty normal for a parent to guide their kids and raised them as normal as possible. We don't want them turned into techs addict at such a very young age nor spoiled them by giving what they want. Not even Bill Gates who is a billionaire (2nd world richest man in this planet). Being a good parent is not all about spoiling the children - certain occasions, maybe? Sometimes, they have to learn the hard ways so they'll be able to stand at their own feet.

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