Friday, 29 July 2011

Thanked God for Doctors and Antibiotics...

It helped my 5 yr old son feeling better. He is now slowly getting his appetite back and slightly eating again. He started complaining for an upset stomach and not feeling well after half an hour strolling the mall last Sunday. But, we didn't pay much attention to his whinging for we thought it was just his usual trick when he gets bored strolling around the mall. We gone out only for the reason to unlock my mobile phone. Hubby got me a second one for international use to go with my Lebara simcard since its the cheaper way of keeping in touch with my family back in Philippines or ringing my friends and relatives anywhere in the world. Anyway, back to my son - he whined us all continuously until we took him down in the cafe Giavano and bought him something to eat although it was just couple of hour after our lunch. But sadly, he vomited onto his plate after few mouthful of tuna sandwich. He clearly wasn't well so, we decided to just go home since the shop didn't also succeed unlocking my phone. Got home and found Christian's temperature shooting up high. Dosed him with our usual fever medicines and lots of water. He went to sleep for few hours then starting to cough and vomited again. He was like it for 3 days and nights until we yesterday we decided to ring the Doctor and luckily got an appointment straight away. Soon after breakfast Daddy took him into the Clinic and found out he's suffering tonsillitis. He was given antibiotics and have to take it for 7 days. Today, I noticed he is a lot better already though his only eating very small amount of food as its still hurts him to swallow. But his temperature is pretty normal and no longer vomiting. It is such a relief knowing that your child is out of pain or any sickness. I can now relax and get a much better sleep just in time for my work in the morning. I can say, my son could not choose a better days to be sick. It's an off days well spent! At least, I am happier and relax going off to work tomorrow knowing that my son is at home and all better.

All washed and cleaned - it only means that he is getting better. Thanked God for antibiotics - it's his healing power instrument.Antibiotic for my 5 yr old who suffer tonsillitis infection.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

His way of disciplining

Guess who's in Daddy's bad book right now? Toddlers has certainly no time for resting, or is there? No, not even for a second! There is always a need of breaking things that they shouldn't even be touching. Yes, I have been through with toddlers already and 2 of my very own and yet I am not totally convinced parenting is an easy job nor mastered it. All I can say is, every child has different characters, uniquely individual. Before, I thought to be a parent/mother is just a piece of cake. I used to hear my parents and Aunts telling me to wait and see when I have kids of my own. Back then, I didn't really paid much attention to it. Only then that I first become a mother when I had to remember this common phrase. Ah, I terribly find it hard to discipline my own kids especially when they are only little like baby Will. In our house, I'm not the disciplinarian - its more like Daddy's job. Well, I do a bit but I am more drag by my softer side as I tend to fostered their curiosity around the house rather than stopping it. Its not good and I know that in the end, it will be me who'll suffer the consequences. Like tonight, baby Will is again playing/opening his Daddy's blu-rays. The cost of it each is already enough to set hubby off to whoever scratch/damaged it. Its his collection - the same to his books too. You can touch anything in the house but not his books and blu-rays, not even lending it. So, baby Will crossed that boundary and so he got told off, loudly. It made him cried for Mummy. He climbed upstairs for a comfort hug and latched on then feel asleep. Talked with hubby about his shouting and why can't he just do it in a lower tone of voice. I told him how pathetic baby Will before falling asleep. Yes, I deliberately dig it out to make him feel guilty. He only smiled and said, don't you know that I'm not happy shouting at him either. But if its the only way he'll listen then I'll do it. It's better to shout than hitting, isn't it? In that way, he is right. Hitting is a big No, No to him. If he can do disciplining our kids verbally and gently then he'll do it that way. And shouting is a-must sometimes. Though, the guilt will follow later on. Hubby is just as softy as me, to be fair. He truly hates it when he has to shout to any of them. All he wants are for his kids to grow up knowing the value of every penny. All these things in the house didn't just came without us spending money for it. Whether it is cheap or expensive - small or big things they still have to care and look after it, regardless.

HTC Desire 2.2

Honestly, I nearly end up buying htc desire 2.2 without even thinking how much it would cost me per month. That's how I loved it! If I wasn't offered a better deal from the man who work in a phone shop next door I would have gone for this HTC phone. I'm really into it and was close to give it a try as it sounded like a great phone according to what I've heard from many many users. Also, another reason for getting the first offer was, I was desperate to get a new phone because my old one were so crappy with no coverage anywhere. The aerial must have been damaged after it was run over by our previous neighbours. Nah, if I have more budget I could have gone for HTC desire but had to be practical especially when the economy is still a little shaky. Although, HTC was my first choice! But, there is always next time:)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Catch me, Daddy!

As described above on the header - baby Will is quite a handful. Put him down and the next thing you'll know he's already somewhere running further away from you. This fearless little monster is causing us stress on this day. Imagine, he was out of our sight for a minute and thought he was already picked-up by strangers but thanked God he was only playing with the balloons in one of the store. So, Daddy's job was to keep him guarded every minute and every second. He couldn't keep up for this little trouble is as fast as the train, haha. By the end of the day, Daddy was worn out - well, it should help him get trim a bit, haha. He has to get fit to keep up with his little son, lol. Picture below is showing how they were chasing each other like they are playing "Ginger bread man" hehe.

IMG_5094 IMG_5093

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Damage kitchen floor caused by leakage...

Glad for hubby's knowledge in plumbing and other DIY jobs. This is the case: Our kitchen flooded few weeks ago. I rang hubby to let him know about it as I was pretty dumb to work out what had cause it. The only thing I thought was the shower as that is when I noticed the leaking and flood right after my daughter's shower. When I came down to the kitchen all I see was water all over the floor. Luckily, there was this guys working on our sun room and had a look. I told them my thought was and they we're neither agreeing or disagreeing. In short, they were also unsure where the water leaks came from. Spoke to hubby again and he told straight away what he thought it is. As soon as he arrived, he went outside and open up the drainage just in the back of our kitchen and found out that the mobile phone was causing it all and created the whole blockage. Then I already knew who did it. Huh? Not hard thing to work out as we only have one little monster in our house who love dropping things to the Loo. It's baby Will because Kuya is already outgrown this kind of thing. Yes, it damaged our kitchen floor but thanked God for insurance. Ah, I can't promise to keep an eye to him 24/7. Well, I'll try...

Monday, 11 July 2011

Handy personal gifts...

I'm pondering to go to bed soon as it's already passed 1am. Oh, is that late already? Huh? Where it all went? Anyway, I must end this silly browsing in the midst of the night as it earns me nothing but exhaustion and tiredness. Well, one last stop and I should be finish. I just finally found some interesting personal gifts maker in here and looks like I'm going to be coming back here more often as it has some very eye-catching creations. Since I am looking for a gift to bring down to Granny - I think I could do even more better than what I originally plan to buy. Will share the idea to the husbkie first and see what he thinks of this. Ah, better bookmarks the site so I could just go back to it anytime. For now, I gotta go to sleep for tomorrow is going to be another long and busy day. Thank you all for reading and all your presence are much appreciated. Goodnight:)

Visiting GG soon...

It has been a while the last time we saw Great Granny. If I remember rightly, it was Christmas when we last saw her. So, its been nearly 7 months passed so, we are due to visit her this summer. While the kids are growing to fast, she also grown too old. If God will continue to give her good health, this October she'll turn 97 yrs old - how great? I'm keen for her to see the vast changes of baby Will's social interaction and how he gradually developed and turn into a little boy in just 6 months. She'll surely be fascinated of him just like she used to with the other grand kids. Ah, I can't wait to see how she's doing too and how she coped living on her own (though I stressed she'll get helped from this special lady down there everyday) but still I strongly admires her for surviving quite happily all this years. She's a fighter, no doubt! She's hilariously funny - straight forward and very frank too. Always enjoy spending time with her. So must I say - we have to book our dates soon to visit her.

Alright, these pictures were from her last years do - her 96th birthday celebration with the family - along with baby Will - both were reading the newspaper, lol. Cute:)


Sugar Addiction and Carbs...

An Addiction to sugar and carbohydrates are the most common problems for over weight people. Studies show that at least two-third of obese people suffer from sugar and carbohydrates dependency. Having said that, I, myself struggles to avoid those kind of cravings. I can't completely deprive myself. One day, I'm not eating any then the next day I absolutely filled my system with stuff that I should be avoiding. Its not easy to stick to a plan. So, I guess totally depriving ain't a good technique so best is, to eat a bit each day. Well, for the meantime I am trying to shrink my weight a bit. Yes, keeping your weight low is a such a struggle especially when there are tons of temptation around. No doubt, sooner I will go for diet pills - if not, the best diet pills available. Honestly, I have no hesitation or whatsoever about trying diet pills. As soon as I stop nursing my little one, I'll definitely give it a go. But first, I should try to minimise my sugar and calorie intakes. Yeah, right! [Sighed]

At sixteenth mo's...

Even at this very young age - my toddler has learnt a lot. What really amaze me is how quickly and funny his social interactions to us and to other people. Like my other children, we witness pretty much the same - the basic — waving, smiling, playing peekaboo, and following simple instructions — though these are all only first steps in establishing his personal social style that are learned through imitation. His also able to initiate displays of affection and he'll give back what he receives. If you show affection with hugs and kisses, he will likely, too. Ah, having a toddler made our life a lot happier and fun. Every day, he never cease to make us laugh. We certainly enjoy him more and more at this age. Here are few of his latest snaps...

Lil explorerlil outdoor nuts@ 16 mo's old baby WillIMG_5382IMG_5380

Friday, 8 July 2011

An Easy Option

I have been thinking about going back to study lately but I just can't afford losing my small income yet. Its my only way of contributing a little to our daily expenses as most of it goes to my family back in Philippines for my siblings, nieces and nephews school fees. What I could actually do is to apply for an online accredited degrees at the same time keep my part-time job. There are too many advantages of obtaining a college diploma. Yes, earning an advanced degree can lead to an increase in salary, it wouldn't be instant but for the near future. Its the main reason why I am so keen on pursuing my plans. I know I can do it - if other's can so, can I! I could have joined the City Guild at work but I just couldn't leave my little one yet. So, the best bet is to go for online accredited courses. Not only cost me nothing in child care also, I don't need to commute elsewhere. It's totally convenient for a Mum like me who wanted to do better, career wise.

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