Friday, 8 July 2011

An Easy Option

I have been thinking about going back to study lately but I just can't afford losing my small income yet. Its my only way of contributing a little to our daily expenses as most of it goes to my family back in Philippines for my siblings, nieces and nephews school fees. What I could actually do is to apply for an online accredited degrees at the same time keep my part-time job. There are too many advantages of obtaining a college diploma. Yes, earning an advanced degree can lead to an increase in salary, it wouldn't be instant but for the near future. Its the main reason why I am so keen on pursuing my plans. I know I can do it - if other's can so, can I! I could have joined the City Guild at work but I just couldn't leave my little one yet. So, the best bet is to go for online accredited courses. Not only cost me nothing in child care also, I don't need to commute elsewhere. It's totally convenient for a Mum like me who wanted to do better, career wise.

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