Wednesday, 27 July 2011

His way of disciplining

Guess who's in Daddy's bad book right now? Toddlers has certainly no time for resting, or is there? No, not even for a second! There is always a need of breaking things that they shouldn't even be touching. Yes, I have been through with toddlers already and 2 of my very own and yet I am not totally convinced parenting is an easy job nor mastered it. All I can say is, every child has different characters, uniquely individual. Before, I thought to be a parent/mother is just a piece of cake. I used to hear my parents and Aunts telling me to wait and see when I have kids of my own. Back then, I didn't really paid much attention to it. Only then that I first become a mother when I had to remember this common phrase. Ah, I terribly find it hard to discipline my own kids especially when they are only little like baby Will. In our house, I'm not the disciplinarian - its more like Daddy's job. Well, I do a bit but I am more drag by my softer side as I tend to fostered their curiosity around the house rather than stopping it. Its not good and I know that in the end, it will be me who'll suffer the consequences. Like tonight, baby Will is again playing/opening his Daddy's blu-rays. The cost of it each is already enough to set hubby off to whoever scratch/damaged it. Its his collection - the same to his books too. You can touch anything in the house but not his books and blu-rays, not even lending it. So, baby Will crossed that boundary and so he got told off, loudly. It made him cried for Mummy. He climbed upstairs for a comfort hug and latched on then feel asleep. Talked with hubby about his shouting and why can't he just do it in a lower tone of voice. I told him how pathetic baby Will before falling asleep. Yes, I deliberately dig it out to make him feel guilty. He only smiled and said, don't you know that I'm not happy shouting at him either. But if its the only way he'll listen then I'll do it. It's better to shout than hitting, isn't it? In that way, he is right. Hitting is a big No, No to him. If he can do disciplining our kids verbally and gently then he'll do it that way. And shouting is a-must sometimes. Though, the guilt will follow later on. Hubby is just as softy as me, to be fair. He truly hates it when he has to shout to any of them. All he wants are for his kids to grow up knowing the value of every penny. All these things in the house didn't just came without us spending money for it. Whether it is cheap or expensive - small or big things they still have to care and look after it, regardless.

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