Wednesday, 27 July 2011

HTC Desire 2.2

Honestly, I nearly end up buying htc desire 2.2 without even thinking how much it would cost me per month. That's how I loved it! If I wasn't offered a better deal from the man who work in a phone shop next door I would have gone for this HTC phone. I'm really into it and was close to give it a try as it sounded like a great phone according to what I've heard from many many users. Also, another reason for getting the first offer was, I was desperate to get a new phone because my old one were so crappy with no coverage anywhere. The aerial must have been damaged after it was run over by our previous neighbours. Nah, if I have more budget I could have gone for HTC desire but had to be practical especially when the economy is still a little shaky. Although, HTC was my first choice! But, there is always next time:)

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