Monday, 11 July 2011

Sugar Addiction and Carbs...

An Addiction to sugar and carbohydrates are the most common problems for over weight people. Studies show that at least two-third of obese people suffer from sugar and carbohydrates dependency. Having said that, I, myself struggles to avoid those kind of cravings. I can't completely deprive myself. One day, I'm not eating any then the next day I absolutely filled my system with stuff that I should be avoiding. Its not easy to stick to a plan. So, I guess totally depriving ain't a good technique so best is, to eat a bit each day. Well, for the meantime I am trying to shrink my weight a bit. Yes, keeping your weight low is a such a struggle especially when there are tons of temptation around. No doubt, sooner I will go for diet pills - if not, the best diet pills available. Honestly, I have no hesitation or whatsoever about trying diet pills. As soon as I stop nursing my little one, I'll definitely give it a go. But first, I should try to minimise my sugar and calorie intakes. Yeah, right! [Sighed]

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