Friday, 29 July 2011

Thanked God for Doctors and Antibiotics...

It helped my 5 yr old son feeling better. He is now slowly getting his appetite back and slightly eating again. He started complaining for an upset stomach and not feeling well after half an hour strolling the mall last Sunday. But, we didn't pay much attention to his whinging for we thought it was just his usual trick when he gets bored strolling around the mall. We gone out only for the reason to unlock my mobile phone. Hubby got me a second one for international use to go with my Lebara simcard since its the cheaper way of keeping in touch with my family back in Philippines or ringing my friends and relatives anywhere in the world. Anyway, back to my son - he whined us all continuously until we took him down in the cafe Giavano and bought him something to eat although it was just couple of hour after our lunch. But sadly, he vomited onto his plate after few mouthful of tuna sandwich. He clearly wasn't well so, we decided to just go home since the shop didn't also succeed unlocking my phone. Got home and found Christian's temperature shooting up high. Dosed him with our usual fever medicines and lots of water. He went to sleep for few hours then starting to cough and vomited again. He was like it for 3 days and nights until we yesterday we decided to ring the Doctor and luckily got an appointment straight away. Soon after breakfast Daddy took him into the Clinic and found out he's suffering tonsillitis. He was given antibiotics and have to take it for 7 days. Today, I noticed he is a lot better already though his only eating very small amount of food as its still hurts him to swallow. But his temperature is pretty normal and no longer vomiting. It is such a relief knowing that your child is out of pain or any sickness. I can now relax and get a much better sleep just in time for my work in the morning. I can say, my son could not choose a better days to be sick. It's an off days well spent! At least, I am happier and relax going off to work tomorrow knowing that my son is at home and all better.

All washed and cleaned - it only means that he is getting better. Thanked God for antibiotics - it's his healing power instrument.Antibiotic for my 5 yr old who suffer tonsillitis infection.

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Emzkie said...

hi haze!! karon pa ko nakahigayon. maau ok na imong bugoy. luoi dyud pagmag sakit ba no? kita pud kay mag guol ug maau. pogi ra bya dyud kaau o. 5yrs old na diay ni sya. wow ka paspas sa panahon.

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