Monday, 11 July 2011

Visiting GG soon...

It has been a while the last time we saw Great Granny. If I remember rightly, it was Christmas when we last saw her. So, its been nearly 7 months passed so, we are due to visit her this summer. While the kids are growing to fast, she also grown too old. If God will continue to give her good health, this October she'll turn 97 yrs old - how great? I'm keen for her to see the vast changes of baby Will's social interaction and how he gradually developed and turn into a little boy in just 6 months. She'll surely be fascinated of him just like she used to with the other grand kids. Ah, I can't wait to see how she's doing too and how she coped living on her own (though I stressed she'll get helped from this special lady down there everyday) but still I strongly admires her for surviving quite happily all this years. She's a fighter, no doubt! She's hilariously funny - straight forward and very frank too. Always enjoy spending time with her. So must I say - we have to book our dates soon to visit her.

Alright, these pictures were from her last years do - her 96th birthday celebration with the family - along with baby Will - both were reading the newspaper, lol. Cute:)


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