Thursday, 4 August 2011

@ d Park with my kids yesterday

Since yesterday's weather was hotter than we normally have, I decided and took the kids out to the local park just off from my daughter's school. To my surprised, the park really has all these newly installed equipment - exactly what my daughter said the other week. Yes, they had so much fun all afternoon playing, climbing, sliding and swinging. Though, baby Will was not well as he go a slight temperature since the day before. Poor kid was trying to play and enjoy himself fighting his weak body due to fever. Partly because, he is teething and that might caused him to be a bit under the weather. But apart from that, my older two enjoyed their simple day out with Mummy. I thanked the local council for making the park more safer, cleaner and above all, for providing an even better equipment that all kids in different ages can play and enjoy. Kudos!

Happy lil girlMy babies at d park this afternoonLittle hip@ d parkD new installed playground equipmentNewly installed swingkuya

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Ritchelle said...

Heaven for kids jud ning park oy.Tapulan man kaayo ko dala aninga mga girls sa park haze oy, di man gud malakaw kay layo kaayo. Ug mag bus pod mag doble ko. Maayo ug naa ang Daddy kay maka park jud tawn :)

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