Friday, 9 September 2011

Update at last...

Its been ages since I last posted in this blog of mine. I got hooked up with so many things lately - not to mention, my blogging mojo has gone away somewhere unreachable, lol. Well, I'm trying to chase the time as it seems going pretty quickly for me these days. Imagine, September is here and without knowing it, it'll be October....then Christmas. Time certainly flies too fast! Having said that, I have to think about my daughter's birthday soon. Oh, I have not that long to prepare - less than 8 weeks? Oh can this be possible? I can't keep up anymore - too slow, getting old and forgetful, lol. Anyway, I have to check out raleigh nc lawyers for now and worry about the rest later on. As soon as I get done here the sooner I can go to bed. I badly need a sleep, my working day tomorrow and OT the next day too. Oh, life as a Mum, eh? At least, I now updated this blog...thank you for the visits - keep coming!

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