Friday, 21 October 2011

House Blings...

Talking about house blings, I have all sorts. Wherever we live, however big the house is, I can assure you that I can fill it in in just a day. Trust me, I'm one big blings fan - so crazy about house decors. But when it comes to banalabs, he is more into electronics and gadgets. Talk about television? He knows everything about what to buy and whats not to buy. He spend his time searching about it. It's been 4 years now since we bought our first big LCD HD tv (1080 100 hrts) but it didn't stop there. He also spent all this spare time looking for the best wall speakers and blu-ray player and other electronic blings to go with it. I can't complain though as I benefit it as well. And you'd think he'll be contented with it for several years, right? No way! Just after we move in to our new home, he bought another big screen. Yes, just like women with their handbags and shoes. Well, probably not quite as the same, lol. But, at the moment, he is waiting for the 3D ready television. Oh yes..........

Here comes half-term break...

My 5yo finished today and my girl not until tomorrow. Oh, you have now idea how much I look forward every term break. The freedom to lay down in the morning and sleep timelessly is something that I always missed about. Oh well, its the joy of parenthood - tiring yet rewarding, huh? Okay, so glad for this termly break for I got to rest and take a break from getting up early and walking out from my warm, snugly bed to outside - cold and freezing. Ah, my son will have 10 days break (includes weekend) and my daughter only got 9. They consumed their first day as inset day so they're paying it back now. Never mind, its only a day difference. Can't wait!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Good Sam!

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Saturday, 8 October 2011


Right now, my daughter is feeding his little brother (baby Will) some jelly that she made all by herself this morning. I bought some jelly mix yesterday after work, few different flavours for I know my kids (especially my daughter) love making jellies. And since my husband and 5 yo son went out for a memorial service in Portsmouth with Grandpa today so its only Kath and baby Will enjoyed the jelly. Hoping to make some more tonight for our desserts.

Fancy a bartender job?

Honestly, I so fancy working as a bartender years ago. I was very fascinated of how they mixed cocktails drinks and etc. It was in my high interest to try but wasn't given a chance. Today while browsing my PC I found some interesting sites about Bartender Jobs and so I click on it and read through the facts but seems my interest is lost and so I'll just share it to those people who are interested and are looking for bartender jobs. The link above will lead you to the right path. Go on check it out!

Siblings by Chance Friends by Choice...

thrice as blessed ;-)

One of my fave photo taken last year at our place. It was after school and the sun was brightly shining and the temperature cooperating too. We stayed outside for a while and took some photos of them for fall 2010. Cute, aren't they?

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