Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Parent Consulation Evening (Autumn Term)

Like most parents, I have something to be proud too. My very own delights, my priceless treasures, my kids! Happy to say that both K and C did so well in school.

C's school report was amazingly good. He excelled pretty much everything and he is his teacher's delight too. His teacher is extremely happy to have C in her class. Only one negative feedback is that, he is quite chatty and can ask question endlessly. [LAUGHED]

K is extremely well behaved. Like C, she is also his teacher's delight. First thing his teacher said as soon as Daddy get in the room on parent's evening was this..."Oh, I saved the best for last". What a music to our ears! She is apparently ahead of the class and is awesomely performing in all subjects. Just couple weeks before parent evening, K got a trophy for wider skills. She made us so proud and no doubt she'll go a long way! As her parents, we're always her to support whatever path she is taking.

We're so fortunate to have such an amazing kids and we can't ask for more! We're one of the proudest parents alive!

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