Thursday, 8 December 2011

Busy Bee...

I have been a busy bee this week and still a busy bee for the days and weeks to come. But I'm sure everyone too as Christmas is approaching. Anyway, as you all aware, I go to work every Monday and Friday part-timer) as I need extra Moolah's for my shopping extravaganza. Can't always rely on the husband for he is also paying tons of bills to keep the house running. If he is a millionaire then maybe it's a different story. Unfortunately, he isn't so, had to work my butt off to pay for my shopping spree and for the kids too. Okay, enough of that! On the other hand, I have been so productive this week. Did lots of things that I never thought I could do. Again, my thoughts was proven wrong. We'll never know until we try, aren't we? I only have those piles of ironing need to be done and I will not go to bed tonight until I've done it. [Sighed] Oh, before I forgot, I want to share the kids artificial tree upstairs at their playroom. Thanks to my little helpers for making it possible!

IMG_9619 IMG_9614 IMG_9612 IMG_9620 IMG_9549 IMG_9550 IMG_9555 IMG_9553 IMG_9561 IMG_9563

Instrumental Mind...

How cool it would be for your child to learn and play varieties of instruments? I thought it would be amazing to give this lifetime experienced to the kids. If I have all the money in the world, I certainly would give my kids the chance to experience all the good things in life. However, my kids has been so lucky that they have a wonderful Grandma who is a great pianist and a recorder. Kath learn to play piano from her and so far she can play many songs already. Recently, Grandma gave her something to practice before Christmas and I heard her play the songs every day. Not only that, Grandma gave her her first keyboard and recently, a proper keyboard too. Isn't she lucky? She is keen to play drum, harp and violin - so maybe that will be Mummy's little list of things to do when we move to Wales to find her a school to play with such instruments.

Kuya C's class Assembly

25/Nov/'11 - was my 5 yr old's class Assembly. And, it was the first time I came and watched it for last year I wasn't able to, for some reason. I made it sure this year that I can come along with Daddy and of course baby Will in towed. The teachers were right to suggest to the parents with babies and toddlers - if it is possible not to bring the little ones to the Assembly for they will make noise and distract the kids. Because, baby Will cerytainly did!  But, glad he wasn't the only though. He was just excited to see his big brother in front, performing. - He can't stop cheering with excitement seeing his Kuya and started  calling him, in such a loud voice. It's not until Daddy imposed the strict discipline and said "NO" in a firmed voice when the misery began! He wiggled, whined and whinged his way out and tantrum followed. Dear, oh dear! What a performance! But despite the little distractions, the kids performed really well - so, it was worth taking all that grief from Will, lol. Though, I think it's a shame that the school has no longer providing creche - it was so useful then.

Kuya's class assembly 25-Nov-11Kuya's class assembly 25-Nov-11Kuya's class assembly 25-Nov-11Kuya's class assembly 25-Nov-11

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Local new Swimming pool..

I heard that the local community pool's renovations is completely done. After 6 years, they finally had a changed - just when we are living to another country. So, no good use for us anymore, lol. Well, for locals it'll definitely give them a chance to enjoy a family swimming weekend and such or at least, encourage the rest to use it often as a way to a healthy lifestyle. What more is, they also install a new swimming pool fence - now, this is something that they never thought putting before. Glad they did it! Oh, it's expanding too, instead of just 2 pools, its now 5. How exciting! I'm extremely anxious to go swimming one of this days. The kids had been nagging us since the re-opening. I'll certainly have to make a date for it!

Chan2x's School Christmas fair

3 Dec 2011 - was my son's School Christmas fair. We went to support it, as always even without Daddy this time as he was out with his former Navy crowd/mates. Despite the very cold wind chill, nothing stop us from going to the School fair. At least, it was dry and sunny for the outdoor photo session afterwards. I can see how the kids enjoy the day. A day well-spent indeed! Here's the couple of photographs I took inside the school hallway with their big real Christmas tree and my son's Christmas project - a star, the biggest of all - just like him!

at my son's school Christmas fairmy son's star that he and Daddy made for his Christmas project

Healthcare Aides

In summer, I am planning to try another job. Healthcare Aides Jobs are increasingly popular these days. But before hand, I must get a qualification or at least a course for 6 months for me to qualify the job. Some company do have training so, I can probably go for it straight away. Although, the hubby is discouraging me a lot because he knows its not my passion at all. But, I'm versatile so I can do anything, or at least try. And that, I made him agreed, for as long as there is no stripping involved, lol. There is more to life than money after all. Keeping dignity is a must-do! Well, that's my choice - for my kids sake! Oh, I carry-on working somewhere else, while my small business is on the process!

Happy Christmas!

Hope this Christmas brings you all....


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