Thursday, 8 December 2011

Busy Bee...

I have been a busy bee this week and still a busy bee for the days and weeks to come. But I'm sure everyone too as Christmas is approaching. Anyway, as you all aware, I go to work every Monday and Friday part-timer) as I need extra Moolah's for my shopping extravaganza. Can't always rely on the husband for he is also paying tons of bills to keep the house running. If he is a millionaire then maybe it's a different story. Unfortunately, he isn't so, had to work my butt off to pay for my shopping spree and for the kids too. Okay, enough of that! On the other hand, I have been so productive this week. Did lots of things that I never thought I could do. Again, my thoughts was proven wrong. We'll never know until we try, aren't we? I only have those piles of ironing need to be done and I will not go to bed tonight until I've done it. [Sighed] Oh, before I forgot, I want to share the kids artificial tree upstairs at their playroom. Thanks to my little helpers for making it possible!

IMG_9619 IMG_9614 IMG_9612 IMG_9620 IMG_9549 IMG_9550 IMG_9555 IMG_9553 IMG_9561 IMG_9563

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