Thursday, 8 December 2011

Kuya C's class Assembly

25/Nov/'11 - was my 5 yr old's class Assembly. And, it was the first time I came and watched it for last year I wasn't able to, for some reason. I made it sure this year that I can come along with Daddy and of course baby Will in towed. The teachers were right to suggest to the parents with babies and toddlers - if it is possible not to bring the little ones to the Assembly for they will make noise and distract the kids. Because, baby Will cerytainly did!  But, glad he wasn't the only though. He was just excited to see his big brother in front, performing. - He can't stop cheering with excitement seeing his Kuya and started  calling him, in such a loud voice. It's not until Daddy imposed the strict discipline and said "NO" in a firmed voice when the misery began! He wiggled, whined and whinged his way out and tantrum followed. Dear, oh dear! What a performance! But despite the little distractions, the kids performed really well - so, it was worth taking all that grief from Will, lol. Though, I think it's a shame that the school has no longer providing creche - it was so useful then.

Kuya's class assembly 25-Nov-11Kuya's class assembly 25-Nov-11Kuya's class assembly 25-Nov-11Kuya's class assembly 25-Nov-11

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