Saturday, 28 January 2012

Winter Illness..,

My 3 darlings got foot, hand and mouth disease this week and the older two has to skip school for a day and another day yesterday for my 6yo which make it two days absent in total. The school refused to take him in for the sake of other kids. But unfortunately, my 10yo has to go in yesterday because the school said it is okay as long as herself is well enough to be in the school. Anyway, they are all getting better - in fact, we are heading out for a shop in a little while. Oh, my in-laws is going to under go a heart surgery in two weeks time. A very sad news for us all but we are praying for a successful operation. A laser spinal surgery for a friend of mine too. And again, our prayers are with them. Ah, life is too short after all. Let's be grateful always.

Proud of my only girl...

For the first-term she got the wider skills award and not only that, she also excelled the rest of their subjects. When the Daddy went for parent-teacher consultation, her Teacher has nothing to say bad against her. Its all good, good, good and even great. How she's so well-behaved at school, hard-working, good listener, good participation in class, helpful and has loads to offer. And oh, how she was a pleasure to have in his class. All these descriptions and compliments was such a music to our ears. How we got so lucky for having such a smart daughter. And what more, she sat along with the smarty pants at the top table in their class. Incredibly great report and consultation and looking forward for more...

Here's a picture of her holding her trophy.

Ate's first award of the year - she's making us proud beyond words :)

Friday, 20 January 2012

Roses for me please....

I'll see it again and again that time certainly flies, right? Or is it only because I'm getting older, lol. It seems like the older we get the more we noticed time. Whereas, to the younger ones, they complain how long their next birthdays and etc. To think about it, we just celebrate Christmas and new year and now its almost end of January again. I bet everyone is panicking about Valentines. What go give to their partner and all that. Me, I would just be happy to get flowers and oh, I'll certainly be hinting hubby on how romantic flowers delivery are...Like last year, he had to order roses for me as I demanded so, lol. This Valentines, I expect him to just do it without me telling him - it will then sound more romantic. Isn't it nice to received flowers delivered to your door? Well, I think so, anyway.

Party #2

It seems a while ago already but just got time to upload the rest of my daughter's 10th birthday parties. Actually, I still have to upload the party #3 when I get chance. Ah, my life is full of list of things to do and never really able to finish them all. I'm sure all mother's out there can relate this. Our job is endless, right? But it's fulfilling and rewarding so not complaining but grateful. Here's a couple of pictures from my daughter's 10th birthday party #2...more in my official photography studio.

IMG_2191 10th bday part 2

Joy of Parenthood

My kids were a bit spoiled during the holidays for they got so many presents from us and from the rest of the family. My son got most of what he asked for as well as a yo yo. Sadly, it got broken just days after and he's upset about it until now. So, thought of getting him a new one and just just an ordinary yo yo but a special duncan yo yo. I think it can still be counted as a late birthday presents since it's only been a week from his birthday. Ah, the joy of parenthood, huh?

Thursday, 19 January 2012

A great year it is to be...

It's been 4 days and 3 nights since hubby is away. We are struggling coping the changes but we have no choice. My middle child is the one who suffer the most as he is the Daddy's boy. He's acting up a bit lately and a little sad and often quite, he clearly miss his Daddy a lot. But its all for good though, Daddy is taking up a step further and yes, a miles away from us too in exchanged for a job that pays 35% more of what he previously earning - in that way he can afford to send the kids to private school. He will be working away from us and coming home twice a month. For that reason, I resigned my part-time job to be a full-time Mother. And, I've never been happier and so relax in my entire life. I hope and pray that this is year is going to be an even better year for us.

Post and run...

Finally updated my blog here and little renovations too. I was getting bored of the same picture and header so I thought was about time for a change. It's 13:28 pm and in hour I'll be heading off for a school run. Glad I still got time to check out few things and first I have to check what is Hormone replacement therapy is all about. It sound really interesting and my curious mind is jumping off with some conclusions so have to check some fact before it will wash off the entire brain, lol. Anyway, this is going to be post and run for I need to do some chores before I pick the kids up.

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