Thursday, 19 January 2012

A great year it is to be...

It's been 4 days and 3 nights since hubby is away. We are struggling coping the changes but we have no choice. My middle child is the one who suffer the most as he is the Daddy's boy. He's acting up a bit lately and a little sad and often quite, he clearly miss his Daddy a lot. But its all for good though, Daddy is taking up a step further and yes, a miles away from us too in exchanged for a job that pays 35% more of what he previously earning - in that way he can afford to send the kids to private school. He will be working away from us and coming home twice a month. For that reason, I resigned my part-time job to be a full-time Mother. And, I've never been happier and so relax in my entire life. I hope and pray that this is year is going to be an even better year for us.

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