Saturday, 28 January 2012

Proud of my only girl...

For the first-term she got the wider skills award and not only that, she also excelled the rest of their subjects. When the Daddy went for parent-teacher consultation, her Teacher has nothing to say bad against her. Its all good, good, good and even great. How she's so well-behaved at school, hard-working, good listener, good participation in class, helpful and has loads to offer. And oh, how she was a pleasure to have in his class. All these descriptions and compliments was such a music to our ears. How we got so lucky for having such a smart daughter. And what more, she sat along with the smarty pants at the top table in their class. Incredibly great report and consultation and looking forward for more...

Here's a picture of her holding her trophy.

Ate's first award of the year - she's making us proud beyond words :)

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