Saturday, 28 January 2012

Winter Illness..,

My 3 darlings got foot, hand and mouth disease this week and the older two has to skip school for a day and another day yesterday for my 6yo which make it two days absent in total. The school refused to take him in for the sake of other kids. But unfortunately, my 10yo has to go in yesterday because the school said it is okay as long as herself is well enough to be in the school. Anyway, they are all getting better - in fact, we are heading out for a shop in a little while. Oh, my in-laws is going to under go a heart surgery in two weeks time. A very sad news for us all but we are praying for a successful operation. A laser spinal surgery for a friend of mine too. And again, our prayers are with them. Ah, life is too short after all. Let's be grateful always.

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