Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Big Family Christmas...

 Christmas is traditionally a family event and still is. My husband's family spend most of the Christmas with the entire family. Whereas, back in Phil's it is the new year's eve that we traditionally gather as a family to welcome the new year together along with a 'Media Noche' and other potlucks. As to their new year here, it is about going out and partying with friends. But since I got here hubby and I and the kids strictly imposed a Phillipine traditional new year's eve with my family as how I was brought up to celebrate the event. Anyway, back to Christmas (which seems that long ago already) the entire Family came over to celebrate with us. We hosted the event for the first time and glad it went all fine. Thanked to the most reliable and amazing husband in the whole wide world - as I have no idea about preparing and roasting a huge Turkey, veggies and other bits and bobs. He did a great job! I was only his assistant -:) who made sure the kids will not disturb Daddy in the kitchen. As everyone agreed - it was the yummiest Turkey ever! Yes, stressful and a hell of an experience but was all worth it in the end. The family truly enjoyed the Christmas meal which started with tasty canape's that both my in-law's kindly contributed and a few finest bottles of Champagne's and wines then followed with the sumptuous lunch and finished it with a very fine Christmas pudding topped with the choice of brandy white sauce or custard. It was a success! And lastly, exchanged gift before everyone went home with a huge smile on their faces. That was one memorable Christmas! Well, must be as it was our first and last Christmas in that house unless we will come back to live in it again sometime in the future or when we finally retire. It's very likely as we love being close to the Capital.

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