Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The important of a Family Meal...

Couple years ago when we were on the process of moving to this house we are living and was still on house hunting, some agents explain to us why a living room and kitchen combined are becoming popular because most people have no time to dine in with their family for they each have their own daily routines to take care of every single day. At dining in with the family is only a yesterday trend/tradition. After hubby heard all of this, he was appalled and his eyes was rolling like thunder balls. He cannot believe was he was hearing from that agent. Hubby obviously disagree and was arguing with him. Because, in our house eating together sitting in the table is strictly imposed. Call him/or us a snob but we don't like our kids growing up in a bad habit eating anywhere in the house and anytime they'll like. Eating in front of the Television is another big "No, No" and I can see where its coming from.

I have read an article about what's in the shared-meal and how important it is for the family, the kids more importantly and according to Michael Elins " Kids who dine with the folks are healthier, happier and better students". Anyway, we parents have different views in raising our kids and I respect each and everyone's way of bringing up their children. We only wants the best for our kids after all.

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