Saturday, 11 February 2012

My Simple Dining room

One of the viewer today asked if we could leave this dining furniture behind but I said 'NO' straight away. I love it as much as they do that is why we bought it. And we plan to keep it forever as a family dining table along with the display cabinet. It took us a while to find the table we want and as soon as we've seen this on display we fell in love with it and so we bought it. And to whoever will rent our house, I'm afraid it is going to be unfurnished. Sad to rent this place out but due to hubby's new job we have to relocate. At least, we have a house to come back at anytime if we dislike our soon-to-be new home and town.

IMG_0433 copy

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Redruby said...

very nice kaayo haze..mustamuz!

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