Thursday, 29 March 2012

Far the worst but the smartest..

Out of my 3, the youngest has far the worst tantrum. Maybe the smartest but oh very handful and loud. Don't get us wrong because we know thst our kids are all intelligent but William is just unbelievably clever. He have already learnt numbers as young as 18 months and can speak very clear. Imagine, he can now read the alphabet. I was really surprised while dawdling in the town when he suddenly drag my attention by pointing the letter F in the front door of a shop. I was like, blimey, it's really is - he had recognise the letter F. And in the house while preparing dinner for everyone, he was there standing right in front of the fridge where there are these magnetic alphabets placed. Well, he grabbed some letters and showing it to Daddy one by one and is exactly saying the right thing in each of them. He can definitely read not only letters but as well as the numbers. And to think that he is only just 2 years old. Oh well, none of my older two learn it this early, so thought maybe he is the smartest. But, I would proudly stress that both my K and Chan are top of their classes. I'm just so blessed, really.
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Horse Riding Lesson...

Looking for a new extra curricular activities here in our new place seems daunting but I know I'll get there eventually. Horse riding, Karate and swimming are the main activities I wan't my kids to get involve with. They have started both except horse riding and I'm pretty sure the kids is anxious to give it a go. It's going to be my priority right after Easter to find them a promising school. Though I know horse riding gear could get a bit expensive but I am willing to pay for it when it comes to my kids. Well, maybe looking at equestrian riding apparel will help me save. Who knows they might offer kids horse riding gear in a reasonable prices, I'd better check, huh? Well, I'll keep you all posted as soon as I get all the dates done. Just thought it would be a good summer activities.

In her bag..

Right after the day of our move I just found out in my daughter's school couple of the awards she got from school. She has kept it quite again like as always. If I don't look at into her bag I wouldn't know and Daddy that she has exceptionally did well all the time more than we expect. Well, with award or not I'm always proud of her and I know in my heart that she will go a long way.

How messy it is? Don't really know!!

Everyday I make sure that I did something productive and today I've done half of the laundry and cleaned the kitchen. I am pondering of getting my butt upstairs to see how worst it is. I have refused to see it today but I heard my kids playing like there is no tomorrow - running around like mad dogs too. So, I am pretty sure it is as bad as I can imagine. I'd wish Daddy will put their Television and all other electronics games up there so at least they won't murder the toys too much. They have been very good for not asking all these stuff yet but I'm sure they can't wait to get hold of their Wii games again. Having said it, I promised my 6yo for a new kid games this weekend. I better prepare myself for his demand and of course my cash because once he's being promised he will not stop nagging until he get it.

Sooo thankful...

I can't thanked enough to the most powerful creator in this world for pouring us so much blessings more than we need. For the good health, great, supportive and loving family and most of all beautiful kids and amazing husband in the whole wide world. This year is exceptional and we are so grateful beyond words. Yes, we started with less but work out way up - well, the husband and his genius ability and perseverance when it comes to work and providing us, his family. My prayer is for us to have continuous abundant blessings of love, good health, great family and better friends. I can't ask for more - just so happy where we are now.

Web Video Conferencing

My husband work at the company where it has other branches international. That is why he away from us from time to time, once or twice every month (more or less) for few days or so. But when they are here locally, they usually doing web conferencing. But if I am right, they are introducing to the company this new and yet exciting way of communicating business globally - the web video conferencing is at their peak. I think they are doing the best for everyone and for the entire company. In this way, they can communicate better and can always call for a business meeting anytime, anywhere as if they are in the same room.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Can't find it...

It's been over a week now since big girl's phone is missing - we have no idea where William may have put it. So frustrating as he keeps pointing every room in the house - been looking and checking all cupboards and dug most of the unpack boxes in the house too but refused to dig the black bins which has filled with filthy gooey 2 weeks worth of rubbish. [Ambot nalang ug asa nga suok gipasok ni William ui...Kabaho raba sa mga basura intawn - di gyud ko mu-utingkay, bahala na si Bana jud ana...] I really hope its not lost coz were not even half-way of the contract yet and it's not covered with insurance too. Oh William, why can't you just leave things alone? Things that you shouldn't be touching...grrrrrrrr

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