Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Can't find it...

It's been over a week now since big girl's phone is missing - we have no idea where William may have put it. So frustrating as he keeps pointing every room in the house - been looking and checking all cupboards and dug most of the unpack boxes in the house too but refused to dig the black bins which has filled with filthy gooey 2 weeks worth of rubbish. [Ambot nalang ug asa nga suok gipasok ni William ui...Kabaho raba sa mga basura intawn - di gyud ko mu-utingkay, bahala na si Bana jud ana...] I really hope its not lost coz were not even half-way of the contract yet and it's not covered with insurance too. Oh William, why can't you just leave things alone? Things that you shouldn't be touching...grrrrrrrr

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