Thursday, 29 March 2012

Far the worst but the smartest..

Out of my 3, the youngest has far the worst tantrum. Maybe the smartest but oh very handful and loud. Don't get us wrong because we know thst our kids are all intelligent but William is just unbelievably clever. He have already learnt numbers as young as 18 months and can speak very clear. Imagine, he can now read the alphabet. I was really surprised while dawdling in the town when he suddenly drag my attention by pointing the letter F in the front door of a shop. I was like, blimey, it's really is - he had recognise the letter F. And in the house while preparing dinner for everyone, he was there standing right in front of the fridge where there are these magnetic alphabets placed. Well, he grabbed some letters and showing it to Daddy one by one and is exactly saying the right thing in each of them. He can definitely read not only letters but as well as the numbers. And to think that he is only just 2 years old. Oh well, none of my older two learn it this early, so thought maybe he is the smartest. But, I would proudly stress that both my K and Chan are top of their classes. I'm just so blessed, really.
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