Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Commuting to School...

For 2 days now we've took public buses to send my kids to school. We do get some strange stares from other people. I already know what's on their mind, they thought why in the hell we are in public bus? Private school kids taking a public bus? Where is their own transport? A school bus? Well, I don't drive (not yet) but I will be, soon and the school buses don't do pick ups from where we lived. Two close, they said. And hubby is not around to take and pick the kids from school because he is away. I'm afraid, we will do this commuting often as hubby's work requires travelling at least a week every month. Oh well, buses is not bad after all unless it's raining heavily. It's only a 5 minutes walk to the bus stop at the high street and forth. So, not that bad really. Plus, the kids seems to have fun every ride we take. They are versatile and all-around kids so proud of them for not being picky. Here's their first picture at the bus stop waiting for right bus.
At the bus stop waiting for #12

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