Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Complete Facilities...

There are advantages putting the kids into private school, not only academically but also physically. Imagine, the kids school meal is included (no need to pay £80 a month like we used to. More after school clubs choices, they have complete facilities such as swimming pool, Gym, sports ground, sailing club, ski slopes and many more...Oh each term they have types of music lessons. My daughter will be having her piano lessons soon. She will do guitar lesson next and it requires a good new Hipshot. Most likely a violin in Autumn term too. Every week they have their swimming - first lessons every Monday and Wednesday morning at the school very own swimming pool. They'll have tennis court as well and probably my kids will be taught twice a week too. And on winter, they'll have their ski lessons. A lifetime experience it will be and they are very lucky. I couldn't be more grateful for them!

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