Wednesday, 18 April 2012

He is very thoughtful, I'm so blessed...

  Well, what can I say? I have got the man with a complete package a woman can ask for. To think that he can never leave us without knowing we're all okay while he is away for a week. Making sure that I have cash in my wallet (literally) even though I have bank cards and could get cash at anytime in any cash point as it is only just in the end of our street. Still he is not convinced so he left me some cash anyway, in case I have any problem with my bank cards so I'll have alternative. He have a got a point though. And oh, some grocery as well even if we are also 10 minutes (walk) to the shopping centre/town and supermarkets. And to top it all, he even bought us the bus ticket for the whole week as well as people to call (in case of emergency), trusted taxi numbers and some check. He worries of me and the kids all the time. So making sure I have everything I need is his priority before he fly. Yes, he is that amazing, truly is! Sweet as honey! Therefore, I'm blessed!

Bus ticket for a week while Daddy is away

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