Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Princess's room...

Leaving his pink room was hard for me but unfortunately my daughter didn't battle an eyelid. She kinda grown out of pink these days - she said she is already a grown up and wanted a grown up room. So, her new room is no longer pink as she was given a choice of colours between pink and purple and surprisingly she asked if she could have a magnolia. I was like, what? I couldn't disagree more though because if it is what she likes then she'll get it. It was easier for us to repaint and redecorate her new room in our new house because it is already white and turning it into magnolia is not a big deal. But I'd stress to embellish her room as many pink as I can find, haha. I think the problem is me, whom so wanted a pink room in the first place, not her. She had enough of the so-pink-room and now she wanted a change and had an idea of her own. Anyway, I'm still undone decorating her room. As of the moment it is still very empty and simple. Again, she like it already. But myself is looking for more accessories to go in her room. She has a bigger room this time, well BIG room, so spacious. Even a room for a sofa or television. But, I'm not holding my breath because Daddy is not allowing any electronics gadgets in each of my kids room apart from their DS's. Anyway, I have bought a new accessories this afternoon and even found a perfect floor length mirrors for her and I really love it. But sad to say it is quite expensive and I think it is not practical to pay that much for a child mirror. Well, I find something similar perhaps and maybe affordable ones. Anyway, here's a few pictures of her old room from our previous house. I bet, the people who rent our place already painted it over with a neutral colour. They said, they are going to as they are not a big fan of pink ;-(

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