Tuesday, 17 April 2012

No longer a baby...

I'm amazed the vast improvement my toddler have developed in the past few months. I may sound bias but my boy is very sharp. The way he's counting although it is only 1-10 and his ABC's, colours and pronunciations are very clear. Given him freedom to explore must have help. I've tried not to be precious with him and letting him discover and learn things his way. I was more protective with my older two and that is why they are both frightened to get mistakes. I've changed because I see things in different ways and I want my kids to be more relax and confident as they grow. In that way, they can easily deal with anything. Yes, I have slightly change my way of parenting and I hope and wish to stay this way. Prayed that God will give me more patience to deal with my children in a calm and more loving way. Anyway, here's a couple of pics with my toddler and how he'd grown? Time certainly flies! He's no longer a baby!
Just me and my toddler at home today-;) #igerspinoyWith my little baby boo-;)

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